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Language: HindiGenre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller, Dubbed , South-East AsianYear: 2016Director: Dante LamActor: Baoguo Chen, Mandy Wei, Carl Ng, Eddie Peng, Jiaxuan Li, Ken Lo, Bhubhing Bhangsa-Ard, Liguo Zhan, Pawarith Monkolpisit, Xialong Wong, Xianda Liu, Guanfeng Wu, Wenting Hao, Chun Sun, Cshi Zhanjie, Rui Ren, Wenjuan Feng, Vithaya Pansringarm, Zobra, Hanyu Zhang, Xudong Wu, Jian Zhao, AmigoRating: ALanguage, ViolenceBased on a true incident that took place in China, the movie tells a story revolving around the Mekong Massacre. Two highly protected commercial vessels of the Chinese army are travelling through the Mekong River, passing from the Golden triangle. This area is also one of the biggest drug-manufacturing regions in the whole world. The Chinese government comes to a halt when they find out that thirteen of their sailors have been killed in an attack on the vessels at gunpoint. And a huge amount of methamphetamine pills are recovered from the scene. Now they have the biggest challenge ahead- To find out who did this and why? Watch Operation Mekong movie on MX Player. Catch Operation Mekong movie in Hindi, Operation Mekong Chinese movie in Hindi and Operation Mekong movie story here.

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