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Language: HindiGenre: Drama, Crime, Thriller, Web SeriesYear: 2021Rating: U/A 16+Language, Violence, Sex, DrugsWatch the Matsya Kaand Web Series Full Episodes and Matsya Kaand Videos Online. A con man’s art of deception is not less than an art and MX Player’s latest series, Matsya Kaand explores one such story. The series is a story about Matsya Thanda, a con man who believes in using his charm, wit and power of words rather than physical violence to get his way. He along with his teammates pull off some of the biggest and most unique cons in the country. Their plan is simple. Fix their target, prey on them, leave forever and move on to the next job. But, fate catches up with them when an uncompromising cop ACP Tejraj Singh is given charge to catch hold of Matsya and his team. Tejraj Singh has a reputation of being stern and not resting before catching his target. He is known to even go against the system and tweak the rules to get what he wants. With this begins the cat and mouse chase between Tejraj and Matsya. While Matsya plans all his moves meticulously, Tejraj seems to be inching closer to each of his plans. Will he be able to get to Matsya in time? What caused Matsya to choose this path in life? Find out in the Matsya Kaand web series full episodes, Matsya Kaand cast names and the Matsya Kaand videos online on MX Player. Watch the Matsya Kaand series and Matsya Kaand season 1 all episodes online for free.

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